Our Reviews

Eric S
We wholeheartedly recommend them

Deanna and Shelly of Smooth Transitions helped make the move almost effortless.  It is hard for us to believe, but we actually felt settled in our new home the day we moved in.  A huge reason was the great job that Deanna and Shelly did in packing, directing the movers (who were also excellent), unpacking, helping us fine tune the placement of furniture and then cleaning out all of the boxes, packing materials, etc.  The quality of their work was tops from start to finish, and the cost was reasonable and well worth it.  Smooth Transitions gets a five star rating from us. We wholeheartedly recommend them. 


Don and Chris
They are knowledgeable, experienced and helpful

Without reservation I encourage you to speak with Smooth Transitions if you're feeling overwhelmed at the thought of staging your home for sale and moving to a new home.  They are knowledgeable, experienced and helpful and fill a unique niche providing a valuable service - particularly for seniors. Deanna and Shelly provided guidance and encouragement from staging our previous home through packing for our move to a new home. 

They helped us make difficult decisions about what we really needed and what we did not and assisted with the disposal of no longer needed items.  They are fast and efficient at packing and all of our possessions survived the move without damage.  Their efforts resulted in less clutter being moved to our new home.  The end result was reduced packaging and moving costs.  We wouldn't have been able to do it without their help.